Pictures and words only from the best

To bring your little heroes always new adventures, we work with the best writers and illustrators who keep coming up with new amazing stories for our readers.

We create each new book not only to amuse your children, but to help them with their healthy growth and education, too. Meet our authors and illustrators a little better.

Mgr. Martina Rašková

Martina Rašková is a primary school teacher. Over the years she's spend in the profession she's learnt a lot about developing pupil's literacy, which she now uses in her books. She's been working with our publishing house for many years.

Ester Stará

Ester Stará has spent many years writing for children and her stories focus on the development of communicative and language skills. Her work has received lots of praise and she's been awarded several prizes both home and abroad.

Mgr. Zuzana Pospíšilová

A child psychologist who's fallen in love with book writing. She published her first fairytales and poems in the magazine Sluníčko in 2004 and her first book was born in 2005. Zuzana is still an active author and until now she's written about one hundred story books, poems and riddles.

Pavel Brycz

Czech writer, poet and journalist who graduated in Czech language and later dramaturgy. He worked as a high school teacher, later as a writer in a marketing agency. Among his best works belongs a short story collection Jsem město. He was awarded many significant prizes for his work.

Tereza Meravá

Tereza Meravá can be found around marketing, social media, PR and writing articles for magazines and mass media. She's also keen on writing books for children and organizing talks for primary and secondary schools.

Dagmar Kýrová

Dagram Kýrová originally used to project technical equipment of buildings, but she's always loved to write for children. She tested her literary mind on her own children at first and thanks to their warm reception she's decided to publish her stories. She enjoys her summer house, sewing and her love of nature reflects in her stories.

Aneta Žabková

Aneta Žabková studies animation at Prague's FAMU. She created four films during her studies: Good Morning, Mr. Vampire; Nothing New Under the Sun; Mistakes happen and her master's film In vino veritas. All of them were screened at a number of domestic and international festivals and received a number of awards. in 2011 she received the Josef Hlávka Award. She collaborated on programs European and Czech Jigsaw Puzzle for the Czech Television, illustrated two boardgames for children, animated the jingles for the TV show Arena for the Nation for TV Prima. These days she illustrates children books and contributes to the children magazines Sluníčko and Mateřídouška.


Edit Sliacka

Edit Sliacka is devoted to illustrations and creates children books, magazines and textbooks for primary schools. You could have seen her work e.g. in the magazine Sluníčko or in the project Childbook.

Milan Starý

Milan Stary graduated in Czech language and Arts from the Faculty of Pedagogy at Charles University. His love for painting has never vanished. His illustration are regularly published in the newspaper Hospodářské Noviny and he contributed to the children part of the permanent exhibition The Story of the Prague Castle.

Katarína Gasko

Katarína Gasko is a Slovak artist who is beside illustrations keen on graphic design and free creation. She graduated from the University of Arts in Bratislava after year spent in Dušan Kállay's studio. She's a regular contributor to children magazines and collaborates with Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Canadian publishing houses.

Dan Růžička

Dan Růžička started as a comic book artist, which he painted using the air brush technique. Nowadays he utilizes mostly digital drawing and painting. He illustrates magazines and books for both children and adults.

Josef Kremláček

Josef Kremláček was a Czech painter and book illustration from Třebíč. He studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and his work was comprised in 50 individual and more than 250 collaborative exhibitions. He illustrated a myriad of foreign book incl. Japanese titles.

Iveta Autratová

Iveta Autratová is an illustrator and painter from the Vysočina region, but she lives and works in Brno. Her love for nature and animals has been with her since she was born and naturally influences her work. It breaths with optimism, joy of life and love of colours. She graduated from an economic university, nevertheless painting was the matter of the heart and several years ago she's decided to fully dedicate to this hobby. These days her main work activity is illustrating children books, but she also work on her independent pieces.

Josef Pospíchal

Josef Pospíchal is a well-known Czech humourist and illustrator. He's been publishing cartoon humour in newspapers since 1964. Until its end, he was a part of the Dikobraz magazine - once popular humouristic magazine. He can pride with the Grand Prix Award which he received at the International Biennial of Humour and Satire. However, humouristic magazines disappeared over the time and the satirical columns are to be found only in several periodicals. His pictures are well-known to many pupils, too - in the last decade he illustrated a number of textbooks from maths to German and Russian.

Pavlína Kourková

Pavlína Kourková, a native from Vysočina region, has always been spending hours walking in nature which is her everlasting source of inspiration. In her work the fairytale fantasy motifs overlap with themes from nature. She studied biology for teachers and garden and landscape architecture; i.e. subjects which allow her to do the two things she adores - production for children and working with nature.

Lukáš Fibrich

Lukáš Fibrich creates mostly illustrations for magazines, children books and language textbooks. He draws storyboards, animatics and key visuals for the most renowned advertising companies. He creates comic books and strips based on scripts some of which are his own. His portfolio comprises of company mascots, web icons, playing cards, mazes, posters, book covers or jokes.